DVS Shoe Company Ecommerce/Marketing Website (2015)

Founded in 1995, DVS Shoe Company is a global footwear brand dedicated to inspiring youth to have fun and always push forward. With a new branding message and focus, DVS was looking for a site to help them regain a foothoold in the action sports industry. Sometimes it's all about the initial presentation. By using a visually driven homepage with the ability to upload fullscreen background videos, they are able to showcase their unique marketing content and also put a spotlight on moving product. Designs like the Menu and Cart fly-outs give the site a unique user experience that sets them apart from their competitors.

My roles on this project individually and as a team included concept development, information architecture, layout, design, and mobile first development with CSS3 and HTML5.

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DVS Shoes Company mobile DVS Shoes Company hero DVS Shoes Company homepage DVS Shoes Company menu DVS Shoes Company product landing page DVS Shoes Company product detail page DVS Shoes Company cart pop out DVS Shoes Company video DVS Shoes Company store finder